About the Mod

Alpha Mod is being developed by MrLordSith. Work started on the March 3rd, 2018.

How it came to be

I was talking to a friend about old Minecraft archiving and whatnot, when I had an idea.
I told him "Do you know what would be better than modifying a resource pack? This. I am going to make an alpha mod for beta 1.7.3."
And then I started working on it.


After some tests, the mod released it's very first public version as "0.0.9a". It released on "Modification Station" and "Lost Minecraft Miners".


I use Eclipse Oxygen 2017 and MCP Beta 1.7.3 4.3 to code and decompile, recompile, and obfuscate the mod.
When a lot of people don't like something or tell me to add something, I'll most likely add it or remove it depending on what it is.
I also try keeping the game balanced, and also hard so it doesn't feel too easy.