Hey there! I make Minecraft mods for people to enjoy.

I've been creating mods since 2017, and still counting. I mostly make mods for old versions, since I'm really into the early builds of the game and how they work. I've done things like port Multiplayer to versions that didn't have it, I've made a mod inspired by Old Days for Beta 1.7.3 named Alpha Mod, I've added saving to versions that needed it, and some cursed things, too. I've also helped in other people's mods. Check out my mods page to see some of them.

You can join us in the Discord server, where I post updates and releases of my mods.
I also have a Youtube channel where I sometimes upload Minecraft content.

I am a member of the Omniarchive, a community dedicated to saving Minecraft's past, by archiving versions, worlds, screenshots, and much more.

or download the server